Folks, this is a new resource started by the PDGA using the wonderful Wiki Cities resource. Dive right in. We envision this as a living document that will provide definitions, a disc golf history, and pool everyone's encyclopedic knowledge about disc golf.

Disc golf, also sometimes known as frisbee golf but not officially due to trademark issues, is golf but a lot more fun (and cheap). It is played with a plastic flying disc instead of a ball and a stick. It is often said that "If a golf ball could dream, it would dream that it was a disc." Instead of a hole in the ground, the disc eventually ends up in a standardized target - after being thrown across meadows, through forests, and over water. It's a little more athletic than 'ball' golf, the scoring is essentially the same, and the governing body of the sport is the Professional Disc Golf Association - - (PDGA), which sets rules, specifies standards for the equipment, and runs an annual tour that will probably exceed 700 sanctioned events in 2005. There are currently more than 1,700 disc golf courses 'in the ground,' most in the United States, but also in several other countries.

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