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Bhm course sign

Course sign

Brent Hambrick Memorial DGC
(a.k.a.) Hoover Dam DGC

This course is the home of the Brent Hambrick Memorial Disc Golf Tournament (formerly the Columbus Open).

Location Edit

North of Columbus, OH 43081. (Google Maps|Mapquest) First Tee: (40.108,-82.878)

Directions Edit

NE side of Columbus, I-270 exit Route 161 east (Dublin-Granville Rd). Go a mile, exit north onto Sunbury Rd., 1.3 miles to a right on Central College Rd. (Duchess Gas Station), 1st left (0.2 mile) into park. Turn right at stop sign, to parking lot at top of the hill.

Course Overview Edit

Holes: 27
Basket Type: Mach3
Tee Type: Concrete
Course Length: 6505
Alternate Length: 8729

Hole-by-Hole Edit

Hole 1Edit

Bhm tee 1 sign

Tee 1 sign

Bhm tee 1

Tee 1 (short tee)

Short: 242'(A), 297'(B)
Long: 344'(A), 399'(B)
Par: 3
Hole 1 curves to to the right. There is a screen of trees about ⅓rd of the way to the hole. After the initial screen on the right, woods run down the right side the entire length of the course. There are woods and bushes starting on the left about half way down the course snd run to the end. The pole holes are near the reservoir lake. If you overthrow, it is possible for water to come into play. The long tee is directly behind the short tee.

Hole 2Edit

Bhm tee 2 sign

Tee 2 sign

Bhm tee 2

Tee 2

Short: 303'(A), 360'(B)
Long: 487'(A), 546'(B)
Par: 4
Description: Hole 2 is a long, downhill hole. The tee ls near water. There is a bank up to the dam on the right and a concrete and rock drainage ditch at the base (that runs the length of the course). There are woods starting about ⅔rds of the way down the left hand side of the course, running to the end. Also, the short tee for hole 3 may come into play if a disc drifts too much to the left.

Hole 3Edit

Bhm tee 3 sign

Tee 3 sign

Bhm tee 3

Tee 3

Short: 191'(A), 216'(B)
Long: 353'(A), 378'(B)
Par: 3
Description: Hole 3 makes a hard curve to the right from the short tee and a more gentle curve from the long tee. The 'A' placement of the basket is deep in the right corner of the fairway with heavy woods to the right and a wooded drop-off, leading down to water, behind the basket. The 'B' placement is still against the back wooded drop-off, but further to the left.

When teeing off from the short tee, you will want to be aware of wild discs from hole 2.

Hole 4Edit

Bhm tee 4 sign

Tee 4 sign

Bhm tee 4

Tee 4

Short: 345'(A), 347'(B)
Long: 486'(A), 488'(B)
Par: 4
Description: Hole 4 is a long hole with heavy woods and a drop-off to the right. The 'B' placement of the pole hole gives the course a right-hand hook at the end of the course. Behind the hole is an OB road.

Hole 5 parellels the road on the left.

Hole 5Edit

Bhm tee 5 sign

Tee 5 sign

Bhm tee 5

View from short tee of hole 5

Length: 259'(A), 321'(B)
Par: 3
Hole 5 is pretty straight forward. It has a few small trees between the tee and the hole. Hole 4 runs parallel to this hole on the left and hole 6 on the right. The pin is mounted at the top of a small, wood, pyramid.

Hole 6Edit

Length: 248'(A), 291'(B)
Par: 3
Description: Only 1 tee for hole 6.

Hole 7Edit

Short: 293'
Long: 471'
Par: 4
Description: Hole 7 does not have a 'B' pin placement.

Hole 8Edit

Short: 285'(A), 313'(B)
Long: 360'(A), 374'(B)
Par: 4

Hole 9Edit

Short: 264'(A), 229'(B)
Long: 364'(A), 329'(B)
Par: 3

Hole 10Edit

Short: 170'(A), 266'(B)
Long: 311'(A), 408'(B)
Par: 3

Hole 11Edit

Length: 295'(A), 305'(B)
Par: 4
Description: Hole 11 only has one tee.

Hole 12Edit

Short: 165'(A), 305'(B)
Long: 291'(A), 306'(B)
Par: 3

Hole 13Edit

Short: 217'(A), 280'(B)
Long: 217'(A), 437'(B)
Par: 3

Hole 14Edit

Short: 228'(A), 370'(B)
Long: 228'(A), 500'(B)
Par: 4

Hole AEdit

Length: 156
Par: 3

Hole BEdit

Length: 186'
Par: 3

Hole CEdit

Length: 177'
Par: 3

Hole DEdit

Length: 170'
Par: 3

Hole EEdit

Length: 160'
Par: 3

Hole FEdit

Short: 195'(A), 340'(B)
Long: 375'(A), 470'(B)
Par: 3

Hole GEdit

Short: 240'
Long: 340'
Par: 3

Hole HEdit

Short: 235'
Long: 395'
Par: 3

Hole IEdit

Short: 175'(A), 250'(B)
Long: 250'(A), 325'(B)
Par: 3

Hole 15Edit

Short: 180'(A), 233'(B)
Long: 315'(A), 368'(B)
Par: 3

Hole 16Edit

Short: 318'
Long: 337'
Par: 4

Hole 17Edit

Short: 280'
Long: 323'
Par: 4

Hole 18Edit

Short: 394'(A), 354'(B)
Long: 582'(A), 542'(B)
Par: 5